AIRVAC Vacuum Sewer System Illustration

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If your project has any of the following conditions, then vacuum sewers are the solution for you:

• Now for less than 50 Connections to thousands
• Rolling Hills with Small Elevation Changes
• High Groundwater Table
• Restricted Construction Conditions

• Unstable Soils
• Flat Terrain
• Rock
• Sensitive Eco-system

Aqseptence Group Inc.’s typical project has one or more of the above difficulties, most likely has experienced failing septic tanks, and is in a suburb of a city. However, having completed projects in every imaginable environment, AIRVAC products have been customized to fit virtually any customer need.

Vacuum sewers are also particularly well suited for private developments as they offer some unique benefits and advantages, many of which are green.


"AIRVAC is an excellent system if you have flat ground, high groundwater, or rock." - Skip Grodt

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