AIRVAC Vacuum Sewer System Illustration

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For the customer, an AIRVAC system works just like any other sewer system.  Traditional gravity lines carry wastewater from the source to an AIRVAC
valve pit.

When 10 gallons of wastewater collects in the sump, the AIRVAC valve opens and differential pressure propels the contents into the
vacuum main.

Wastewater travels at 15 to 18 feet per second in the vacuum main to the vacuum station. The vacuum main is laid in a sawtooth fashion to ensure adequate vacuum levels at the end of each line.

At the
vacuum station, vacuum pumps cycle on and off as needed to maintain a constant level of vacuum on the entire system. Wastewater enters the collection tank and when the tank fills to a predetermined level, sewage pumps transfer the contents to the treatment plant via a force main.

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