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Aqseptence Group Inc. currently provides after-market services to over 200 completed projects in the United States. Technical support from our engineering and service departments provide any necessary support to assist the owner in providing timely information and solutions to problems. Services include 24/7 support, a periodic system check-ups, actual operation and maintenance of your system through a maintenance contract, and a full inventory of spare parts.

operating AIRVAC system in Rochester
Aqseptence Group Inc. maintains a complete operating vacuum system at our Rochester, IN factory that is available to simulate field conditions and onsite problems to help the owner solve problems or suggest solutions. This operating system is rated at 150 gpm (9.5 l/s) complete with buried pipe, valve pits, buffer tanks, controller/valve rebuild stations, and sections of above ground clear piping that allows operating personnel to observe actual vacuum sewer liquid flow characteristics. The 5 day operators school is conducted at this location. Onsite training and training during construction can be arranged as well. Please contact the our Service Department for details.



"AIRVAC's response has been fabulous every time I've needed help." - Phil Shalley

"The people from AIRVAC have been excellent to work with. Any time I have a question I can call and get answers." - Bill Davis

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24/7 Support

The Company offers on-site technical support to its customers during system operation and in emergency situations as required. In addition, service assistance is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via the Company's toll free number. .

Periodic System Check-up

One of our most popular services is the tune up and evaluation program, which includes such services as exterior leak tests, visual inspection of each valve pit, and evaluation of all pump run times.

Maintenance Contracts

Let Aqseptence Group Inc. operate and maintain your system through a contract maintenance program. This program is ideal for those who want to avoid having a full-scale maintenance department complete with trucks, tools, spare parts, and full-time employees.

Aqseptence Group Inc.'s trained professionals develop and implement tailored preventive maintenance programs built around their client's system and needs. Plus, clients have the added benefit of knowing that the same company that developed the technology is maintaining their vacuum sewer system.

Spare Parts

Aqseptence Group Inc. maintains a certain minimum inventory of spare parts at our Rochester, IN facility. This includes every single part and piece that makes up our products. With this inventory, the system owners can expect spare parts within 24 hours of their request. Several of our Factory Reps also stock an inventory of both complete valves and spare parts at their location.

Operator's School

Aqseptence Group Inc. offers the 5-day operator's school at least once a month. Our instructors are experienced vacuum system technicians that provide hands-on failure analysis using an actual operating vacuum system located at nearby Lake Manitou. All operators are given detailed instruction on valve and controller rebuilding procedures.

Onsite Training

Aqseptence Group Inc. also has performed onsite training classes to various groups within the last few years. Arrangements for other such training sessions can be made.

Training During Construction

Aqseptence Group Inc. can provide hands-on training to the Owner and their operators during the construction phase when Full Time Field Services are used.