AIRVAC vacuum sewer system for septic system replacement
vacuum sewers septic system replacement

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The AIRVAC vacuum sewer system is a cost-effective, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional gravity sewers and can easily replace septic systems to prevent ground water and environmental pollution.

AIRVAC systems are "Green". Because vacuum sewers are completely contained, there is no danger of sewage escaping into the environment.

Installation is easy.. Vacuum sewers use small diameter vacuum mains buried in shallow trenches. That means less digging, smaller equipment, and little disruption to yards and traffic.

Service is reliable. The AIRVAC system will continue to function normally during a power outage with power from a standby generator located at the vacuum station.

AIRVAC is a proven technology. More than 800 AIRVAC systems are providing affordable and efficient sewer service worldwide.

AIRVAC septic system replacement illustration

Septic System Problems
Soggy Lawn
Slow Running Drains
Frequent Tank Pumping
Smelly Septic Gases
Polluted Ground Water

Vacuum System Solutions
Little Disruption to Yards
Minimal Construction Impact
No Homeowner Maintenance
Closed "Green" System
Prevents Pollution

AIRVAC can solve the problems associated with septic systems by replacing them with a neighborhood sewage collection system that is environmentally friendly, efficient and reliable.

Vacuum sewers are also particularly well suited for private developments as they offer some unique benefits and advantages, many of which are green.


"AIRVAC is an excellent system if you have flat ground, high groundwater, or rock." - Skip Grodt

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