AIRVAC Vacuum Sewer System Illustration

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As vacuum systems have evolved, so has Aqseptence Group Inc.’s customer base. In the beginning, the majority of our U.S. clients were small rural communities. Our proven track record along with continual advancements in the technology has allowed us to expand this base to include much larger customers such as suburban communities and new land developments.

Proof of the technology’s acceptance is the rate of growth. It took a decade for our first 20 U.S. projects to be installed and another decade to add 50 more. A short 20 years later and we now have 330+ AIRVAC systems throughout the U.S, Puerto Rico & the Bahamas.

Number of US systems cummulative in 5yr increments

Since 1980 we have placed systems into operation in 36 countries located on 6 continents. Worldwide, more than 1000 AIRVAC systems are providing affordable and efficient sewer service to over ¼ million houses around the world.

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