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There are construction advantages as well as operation advantages to using AIRVAC vacuum sewers, most of which are “green”. These advantages include substantial reductions in water use, material costs, excavation costs and treatment expenses. In short, there is a potential for overall cost-effectiveness.

Aqseptence Group Inc.’s team of municipal Regional Managers is responsible for underground vacuum sewer systems for municipalities, counties, and other public entities. This team has extensive product knowledge, accumulated through thousands of hours of on and off-the-job training, and has an average of nearly 20 years of experience with vacuum sewage systems.

install AIRVAC vacuum main in shallow trench
Aqseptence Group Inc.’s U.S. municipal sales team is supplemented by a network of U.S. Manufacturer’s Representatives that provide technical support on the local level. Note that these representatives do not cover indoor markets. Contact our Environmental Group for information regarding local representation for indoor markets.

Many of our U.S. Municipal projects have been featured in industry trade journals. Click here to view reprints of these. Click here to see the locations of Aqseptence Group Inc.’s U.S. Municipal projects.



Construction Advantages

Smaller pipe:
Small PVC pipe sizes (3", 4", 6", 8" and 10”) are usually used.

No manholes:
Manholes are not used in vacuum sewers.

Field change ease:
Field changes can easily be made as unforeseen underground obstacles can be avoided by going over, under or around them, reducing impacts from construction

Less excavation:
Installation of smaller diameter pipes at shallow depths eliminates the need for wide, deep trenches reducing excavation costs and the duration and severity of community/environmental impacts.

Only one source of power:
Power is only required at the vacuum station. No on-lot power demands exist at valves.

One vacuum station replaces multiple lift stations:
In addition to power cost savings, this also means less instances of “not in my backyard”.

Operation Advantages

No blockages:
High scouring velocities are attained, reducing the risk of blockages and keeping wastewater aerated and mixed.

Operator friendly:
The system is completely sealed and has no confined space issues which protects the maintenance personnel from exposure to the risk of H2S gas hazards.

Environmentally friendly:
The system will not allow major leaks to go unnoticed, resulting in reduced environmental damage from exfiltration of wastewater.

A standby generator at the vacuum station ensures uninterrupted service to the customer during power outages.

Smaller treatment plants:
The elimination of infiltration permits a reduction of size and cost of the treatment plant and results in less power being required.

The air/sewage mixture enters sewers at high velocity, and the air provides some pretreatment to the sewage inside the vacuum sewers.