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AIRVAC vacuum systems can be used in Correctional Facilities to convey both black and gray water in either combined or separate flow paths. Vacuum collection uses small diameter piping which may be installed horizontally or vertically allowing for flexibility in design layout for new construction as well as routing around existing objects in retrofit situations.

AIRVAC vacuum systems offer many benefits compared to traditional gravity sewers:

Reduce Water Consumption and Waste
Monitor and Control Water Usage
Shorten Construction Duration
Reduce and Isolate Blockages

Make Flushed Contraband Non-retrievable
Prevent Toilet Flooding
Eliminate Cross-talk
Low Operation and Maintenance Costs

vacuum sewers for correctional facilities

How the AIRVAC indoor vacuum sewer system works:

When the push-button on the Combi unit is pushed, the AIRVAC valve opens and differential air pressure propels the contents of the toilet bowl into the vacuum piping.

Traditional gravity piping carries wastewater from the sinks and showers to an AIRVAC sump assembly. When a predetermined amount of wastewater collects in the sump the AIRVAC valve opens.

Wastewater travels at 15 to 18 fps in the vacuum piping and passes through a sewage grinder to reduce troublesome solids before entering the collection tank.

Vacuum pumps cycle on and off as needed to maintain a constant level of vacuum on the entire collection system.

When the collection tank fills to a predetermined level, sewage pumps transfer the contents to the treatment plant via a force main.

Prison applications use both the AIRVAC vacuum toilet as well as the overhead vacuum system piping concept (AIRVAC OVS Liquid Conveyance Technology). Click on the links to see the features and benefits of each..

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Correctional News March April cover story

Clay County Justice Center

The Case for Vacuum Sewers
Correctional News
March/April 2010

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